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Q : Will the higher freight cost affect the company's performance?

A : positive impact Due to the company’s continuous good performance And the company continues to adapt to the situation that is happening all the time.

Q : Projections of income in various fields for the year 2022 compared to the year 2021

A : The company has set a growth target of about 20% in accordance with the strategic plan of the company’s business operations.

Q : The situation in Ukraine and China has announced the Lock Down, what effect does it have on the company?

A : The company continues to monitor the situation continuously. But in the part of the company There is no effect on this matter

Q : How will the rising global oil situation change the freight revenue?

A: in terms of the income of international shipping costs Since the company is an NVOCC freight forwarder using COST PLUS pricing policy, there is no direct impact. and in terms of car transport services The company determines fuel rates with its customers by regularly updating the current situation.

Q : What is the current volatility of the currency, what measures does the company have to deal with?

A : Foreign currency revenues and costs are generated through transactions with foreign partners where natural hedge is minimized and foreign currency deposit accounts are used. The group of companies has been following the news. and exchange rate information closely all the time. The Group believes that it can assess the situation. and find ways to prevent risks in a timely manner. It has not had a significant impact on past performance due to exchange rate fluctuations

Q : Digital currency (Cryptocurrency) that is growing strong right now. Is the company interested in investing in this market? And what are your opinions

A : The company continues to focus mainly on the Core Business, while the investment in digital currency (Cryptocurrency) is under study.

Q : What are the trends in the container and freight issue in 2022 and what are your views?

A : According to industry forecasts, it is still high in half. first year, but may fluctuate according to the world situation

Q : Lao-China high-speed rail, does the company plan to invest or not and what form of investment?

A : the company did not directly invest. The Company provides services on the Lao-China route using alliances

Q : What future investment plans does the company have in addition to the logistics business?

A : The company is also looking for opportunities and studying the possibility of doing business other than logistics business. but still striving for growth in logistics

Q : I saw that there was news about M&A with foreign companies. I don't know if it will be possible and beneficial to the company in the long run or not.

A : that the company focuses on organic growth, but is always on the lookout for opportunities. And it’s one of the company’s growth policies.

Analysts Information

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