Shareholder Structure

Free Float As of 9/March/2023

Minor Shareholders (Free float) : 12,559

% Shares in Minor Shareholders (% Free float): 52.51

Overview As of 30/04/2020 Rights Type : : XM

Total Shareholders : 11,797

 % Shares in Scripless Holding : 100.00


The company will invest in accordance with the policy approved by the Board of Directors. By investing in subsidiaries and associates In the event that it deems appropriate and appropriate, the company will supervise by sending a representative of the company Who is the director Or executives to represent in subsidiaries or associated companies at least in proportion to the Company’s shareholding In the administration and compliance with the requirements of the Stock Exchange of Thailand Regarding the entering into a connected transaction or the acquisition or disposition of assets of the Company Strictly If the operation affects the company Significantly Must seek approval from the Board of Directors meeting of the Company first.