Background of Sonic

Background of Sonic Group

SONIC INTERFREIGHT was established on December 13, 1995 with a registered capital of 1,000,000 baht. SONIC INTERFREIGHT was founded by only 10 participators. The concept is to meet the needs of exporters and importers who need for logistic specialize at that moment. SONIC INTERFREIGHT can fulfill the need of the target customers including main and Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) customers. With the vision of a management team that sees the importance of staff development, SONIC INTERFREIGHT has become a leading logistics provider in Thailand.

Hence our business and liquidity grow rapidly and excellently, making the company be readied to capitalize for its continuing expansion. In 2007, SONIC INTERFREIGHT has been recognized as an advancing large service provider with a registered capital of 25,000,000 baht which still has non-stop human resources development and advance IT technology.

SONIC INTERFREIGHT has been increasingly received positive feedback and has been developed to become a ONE STOP SERVICE provider. In 2008, the Executive team decided to raise the investment to support the growth of the business to 53,000,000 Bath. This is the turning point which the company utilized those funds by investing in assets such as 7000 square meter of distribution centers on 26 rai container yard, own trucks and chassis in order to fulfill the customer's needs continually.

As of present, Sonic Transport has 63 semi-trailer trucks with 144 trailers, 6 six-wheel trucks, and 5 four-wheel vehicles. Sonic is a provider of integrated logistics and transportation services across the country for both inbound and outbound transportation.

Background of Grandlink Logistics Co., Ltd. (Subsidiary of Sonic Group)

The company was established on 19th February 2001 with a registered capital of 4,000,000 Baht and a total of 14 employees, partnering with G Link Express Singapore. In 2002, the company increased its registered capital to 6,000,000 Baht. Meanwhile in 2015, the company merged with another subsidiary company and changed its name to Grandlink Logistics Co., Ltd., having a registered capital of 31,000,000 Baht. As of present, the company has a total of 74 employees.

Company’s Vision

Vision: To sustainably grow and become the leader in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Southeast Asia by 2020.


  1. Create financial stability and sustainability

  2. Build sustainable relationships between the Company, customers, suppliers, and society.

  3. Establish a solid management system to achieve the international standards

  4. Promote professional expertise in employees

  5. Develop information and communication technology system to enhance efficiency and become an organization with innovative management of excellence